SPB TV 2.1

Watch TV on your Symbian phone


  • More than 100 free channels
  • Simple to navigate
  • Picture-in-picture view


  • Good quality programs are hard to find


SPB TV allows you to watch streaming TV on your mobile phone, providing a selection of more than 150 free channels.

Using SPB TV is like having a mini television set in your pocket. You can cycle through the various channels by swooshing along the icon panel. A description of each channel is displayed when you select it, and you can access a TV guide explaining what's coming up and programs you have missed that are still available.

Don't expect to be able to access main national network channels on SPB TV. It's true that the app gives you access to channels from around 20 countries, but they are nearly always free-to-air channels that already stream their broadcasts online for free. So, don't expect the best quality programming from SPB TV, although it's very good for following live news in your locale.

The quality of the feeds isn't bad, and there's even some high definition streams included in SPB TV. Of course, quality is very much affected by the quality of your data connection, however.

Still, SPB TV packages all of this streaming video content in a very pleasant way. The channel interface looks and feels much the same as you'd expect from a standard set top box. It has a picture-in-picture mode for fluid channel hopping, fast channel launch and switching, plus on-screen and hardware button controls.

Assuming you have a data plan, SPB TV is a great way to watch television on your mobile phone.



SPB TV 2.1

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